The Association
The fkks Fachverband Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz e.V. (fkks) was established as an independent and objective technical-scientific association in 1964. Its objective is to improve Cathodic Protection (CP) from a technical and scientific perspective, with particular regard to safety and environmental protection.
fkks and its members are active in the field of CP and have the common goal of increasing the use and application of such corrosion protection measures on buried and submerged metallic structures such as pipelines, tanks and other constructions, as well as in offshore applications.
The major aims of the fkks are as follows:

  • to inform public and private authorities as well as other interested parties about the principles, the application and the advantages of cathodic corrosion protection methods;
  • to enhance joint advertising and public awareness;
  • to collaborate on and contribute to the preparation of technical standards and rules in the field of cathodic protection of steel structures and in other applications;
  • to promote member compliance with accepted national and international standards;
  • to implement and observe regular qualification and certification of its member companies;
  • to avoid any restriction of competition.

fkks attaches central importance to communication and technology transfer between its members, and uses its professional competence as the basis for all activities. fkks works transparently and objectively.
Its particular responsibilities include

  • the promotion of science and technology
  • the enhancement of education including mentorship
  • the protection of nature and conservation of the environment in line with the appropriate environmental, public health and occupational health and safety legislation
  • the promotion of increased awareness of accident prevention
  • the provision of improved consumer advice and protection.

In particular, this will be achieved through

  • participation in the development of standards on a national and international level
  • the collection, validation and distribution of technical and scientific knowledge
  • the carrying out of investigations
  • the preparation of statistical reports and publications
  • the provision of sponsorship and grants for technical research studies
  • the development and improvement of vocational education
  • collaboration with governmental authorities
  • the provision of technical advice to members and non-members, and through partnerships with other similar national and international associations.

The fkks is either an associated or a full member of all national and international workgroups and committees connected to the CP industry. Its work and decisions are wholly independent and not influenced by other external bodies. fkks develops its guidelines and standards purely on the basis of technical and scientific criteria.
fkks activities are guided by its long-term experience, in-depth knowledge and expertise in the following areas

  • technical safety
  • economic optimisation of supply technology
  • improved protection of resources and environmental care
  • quality management, quality assurance and control
  • regulation and standardisation
  • controlling and certification
  • professional development
  • information and transfer of know-how

In all of these matters, fkks is independent, non-profit making and remains neutral.

The fkks committee
The fkks committee was established with the aim of providing community leadership in CP issues for its members.
This leadership commitment completes the range of services provided and reflects the aim of promoting cooperation for mutual benefit. It is not solely limited to the tank and pipeline sector, but also extends into the field of CP for reinforced concrete structures, marine metallic structures, off-shore installations and the inner surfaces of metallic structures. This extended focus comes as a result of the challenges posed by increasingly sophisticated project requirements and technical specifications.
This includes the participation of fkks members in national and international standard authorities, the publication of technical papers in areas where no CP regulations exist such as off-shore installations, geothermic installations, biogas and waste water treatment plants, the coordination of research projects and the technical representation of fkks at scientific meetings.
The fkks committee is particularly concerned with the future of the association. A major goal is the attraction of new members for fkks. Furthermore added value is generated by improved attention to members’ interests provided by sub-committees focused on the various technical aspects of CP. A network of experts reviews the current training needs in the fields of regulation and standardisation, testing and certification, research and development, as well as the changing demands companies are facing. Members always receive practice-related knowledge. In addition to its already high domestic standing, the fkks also strives for greater international recognition.
The fkks committee is made up of sub-committees and led by the president and a vice-president of fkks. Each sub-committee is led by a separate chairman.

The Kuhn-Ehrenmedaille
The Kuhn-Ehrenmedaille (Kuhn Medal of Honour) was created in 1970. It is awarded to outstanding individuals in the CP industry by the president of the fkks at the annual meeting.

The fkks cert gmbh
From the beginning of 2008, certifications will be performed by a newly founded subsidiary of the fkks. The new company is named fkks cert gmbh, and its establishment reflects the aim of the fkks to improve the recognition of its certification activities at home and abroad, as well as the desire to improve services for its customers. In doing so, fkks cert gmbh has been able to enhance the range of services provided. Existing personnel and certification methods were transferred to the fkks cert gmbh, so that qualification, competence and contact persons were retained.
The fkks cert gmbh is the only professional certification body in Germany qualified to oversee the certification procedures and requirements of the CP industry. The company certifies and monitors individual experts in the field of CP. This approach ensures that the individual procedures are tailored to the needs of the market and are tightly meshed.
After certification by fkks cert gmbh, experts can demonstrate to their customers and business partners that they are at the cutting edge of the industry.

Trade publications and the association’s magazine
The specialist journals 3R and gwf Gas/Erdgas are official fkks trade publications.

All members and associates of the fkks are invited to participate actively in the development of guidelines and standards, as well as in the scientific of CP matters.
If you have questions or problems in the field of corrosion protection, then please do not hesitate to contact fkks. Further details can be found on our website http://www.fkks.de, which also contains more information on the fkks, its members and the specialists in the field of CP. Publications on different topics, generally based on presentations held by specialists at our annual general meetings, are also available on our website.
Before starting a new call for tenders you are invited to visit our website and look for qualified and certified companies in the field of CP.

Fachverband Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz e.V.
Im Efeu 1/1. D-73728 Esslingen, Germany
P. O. Box 100 102, D-73701 Esslingen, Germany
Telephone +49 (0)711 919 927 20
eMail geschaeftsstelle@fkks.de




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